7/21 Saratoga SHOWtime Contest - Horseplayer Selections & Real-Time Results

NameSaratoga #1PendingSaratoga #2PendingSaratoga #3PendingSaratoga #5PendingSaratoga #6PendingSaratoga #7Pending
Abner D0.00Gaye Breeze (IRE)[6]Mission Statement[8]Dillon Rocks[4]Tough Times[3]Roses From Ben[10]Miss My Macho[4]
BillR0.00Renown (GB)[4]Mandatory Payout[2]Bad Boy[8]Scars Are Cool[4]Mamma Dee[6]Queen of Shades[8]
Diane b 0.00Cite[8]Brush Country[3]Value Engineering[9]Per Capita[2]Chestnut Street[1]Sharing[2]
Don kiernan0.00Whitman's Poetry[7]Brush Country[3]Heirloom Kitten[6]Spice Road[7]Trixie's Time[7]Mom's Pass[7]
Ernie K.0.00Renown (GB)[4]Business Cycle[6]Heirloom Kitten[6]Ranger Up[5]Mamma Dee[6]Sequin[10]
Jacqueline C0.00Repeat Repeat[3]Brush Country[3]Heirloom Kitten[6]Scars Are Cool[4]Mamma Dee[6]Fly So Pretty[1]
Jeff Cantine0.00Renown (GB)[4]Brush Country[3]Value Engineering[9]Majority Rules[6]Kickin Kimberly[8]Mom's Pass[7]
John 3160.00Markhan[1]Brush Country[3]Borough Boy[3]Majority Rules[6]Chestnut Street[1]Fly So Pretty[1]
John campbell0.00Markhan[1]Brush Country[3]Value Engineering[9]Scars Are Cool[4]Mamma Dee[6]Mom's Pass[7]
Michael Piccola0.00Markhan[1]Business Cycle[6]Borough Boy[3]Per Capita[2]Chestnut Street[1]Fly So Pretty[1]
Mitchel b 0.00Markhan[1]Brush Country[3]Value Engineering[9]Scars Are Cool[4]Chestnut Street[1]Mom's Pass[7]
Paul K0.00Renown (GB)[4]Brush Country[3]Bad Boy[8]Majority Rules[6]Mamma Dee[6]Sparkling Sky[11]
Phillip Modzelewski 0.00Markhan[1]Business Cycle[6]Value Engineering[9]Per Capita[2]Kickin Kimberly[8]Voting Agreement[12]
Rob Knerr0.00Whitman's Poetry[7]Mandatory Payout[2]Bad Boy[8]Majority Rules[6]Kickin Kimberly[8]Meritaten[5]
Robbert b 0.00Markhan[1]Somebody[1]Value Engineering[9]Per Capita[2]Galadriel's Light[4]Sharing[2]
Stavros Votsis0.00Renown (GB)[4]Threatlovesmidnite[4]On a Spree[1]Per Capita[2]Take Charge Tina[2]Sharing[2]
Theresa N0.00Whitman's Poetry[7]Business Cycle[6]Borough Boy[3]Per Capita[2]Chestnut Street[1]Magic Motion[15]
Tom E0.00Whitman's Poetry[7]Business Cycle[6]Bad Boy[8]Majority Rules[6]Chestnut Street[1]Fly So Pretty[1]
William Palmer0.00Markhan[1]Business Cycle[6]Value Engineering[9]Per Capita[2]Galadriel's Light[4]Sharing[2]
anthony gerace0.00Cite[8]Business Cycle[6]Foti[7]Tough Times[3]Ragtime Suzy[3]Sequin[10]
bobijo rieker0.00Markhan[1]Business Cycle[6]Bad Boy[8]Majority Rules[6]Kickin Kimberly[8]Mom's Pass[7]
donald b0.00Markhan[1]Brush Country[3]Borough Boy[3]Per Capita[2]Chestnut Street[1]Mom's Pass[7]
kirk w0.00Markhan[1]Brush Country[3]Value Engineering[9]Spice Road[7]Chestnut Street[1]Sequin[10]
majicjoan0.00Renown (GB)[4]Brush Country[3]Bad Boy[8]Majority Rules[6]Kickin Kimberly[8]Magic Motion[15]
mike kranz0.00Whitman's Poetry[7]Mandatory Payout[2]Skywriting[2]Spice Road[7]Trixie's Time[7]Mom's Pass[7]
paul aswad0.00Markhan[1]Business Cycle[6]Value Engineering[9]Ranger Up[5]Chestnut Street[1]Sequin[10]
ronald p.0.00Whitman's Poetry[7]Brush Country[3]Borough Boy[3]Spice Road[7]Chestnut Street[1]Sequin[10]
tom deering0.00Whitman's Poetry[7]Brush Country[3]Borough Boy[3]Majority Rules[6]Chestnut Street[1]Magic Motion[15]

Welcome to the 7/21 Saratoga SHOWtime online handicapping showdown - ready to compete for a $500 prize purse and TourneyBETS Cup points? Click HERE for SHOWtime rules and regulations, participation is free for account holders. Contestants must choose one entry per race that you believe will finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the corresponding races listed below. If you choose a successful show entry for each race, you will qualify for a share of the $500 prize purse - top accumulative SHOW pricing decides the winners. Players must have a valid account, and must have wagering activity through their account on the same day of this contest to qualify for prizes. Please e-mail support@showtimecontests.com with any questions.

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