Compete In The 2019 NYS Handicapping Championship - Day I

Welcome to the 2019 New York State Handicapping Championship - Grand Prize award is CASH and a paid entry to the NHC Championship - including the NHC seat, hotel and airfare ($7,000 value). The entry fee is $50 for all account holders, please enter your account information to register for competiton - ALL fees will be added to the prize pool! The 2019 competition will be a two-day event, with the top 10 finishers from day one earning a seat at the final table on Sunday, 12/8. The $50 entry fee covers both days of competition. Entry fees will be deducted directly from players’ wagering accounts, please confirm the $50 is in your account before registering.


Please note that in order to participate, you MUST be an NTRA member. Registration is available HERE for all participating horseplayers.

All participating horseplayers will be armed with a $50 tournament bankroll and MUST place one (1) Win, Place, or Show selection in ALL six (6) tournament races. Players that do not place a tournament wager in each race will be penalized $5 (per race) from their bankroll. If nothing is left in the non-compliant horseplayer's bankroll, than $25 is deducted from their winnings. Click HERE for PAYDAY rules and regulations and the prize payout formula, best of luck - but be sure to stay in compliance!

The top earning horseplayer takes the Grand Prize. In addition to the NHC prize package, all entry fees will be returned to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers as prize money - 0% rake! One tournament entry per account.

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